Ilaria Mogno's Research
My research focuses on applications of Systems Engineering principles to Biological Phenomena. Particularly, I am interested in identifying the relationships among transcription factors and their target genes, including aspects of combinatorial regulation and the utility of including nonlinearities when studying such systems. Also, I am interested in analyzing the dynamics of transcription factor -> promoter interactions.

I am currently a postdoc in the Cohen lab at Washington University in St. Louis.

I received my master's degree (italian laurea ) from Universita' di Roma - La Sapienza, with a thesis on Using SIP Protocol for Terminal and Application Mobility. SIP, the Session Initiation Protocol, is a signaling protocol for Internet conferencing, telephony, presence, events notification and instant messaging. SIP was developed within the IETF MMUSIC (Multiparty Multimedia Session Control) working group, with work proceeding since September 1999 in the IETF SIP working group. It is a protocol used in IP telephony and in Voice over IP application, and I developed a SIP server and a SIP client in Java adding Terminal and Applicaton Mobility features.

I received my Ph.D. in Systems Engineering from the Universita' di Roma - La Sapienza, with a thesis on modeling and identification of gene regulatory networks. My supervisor was Lorenzo Farina. During my Ph.D. I spent some time at Boston University where I completed my research project under the supervision of Tim Gardner.